Sean Carroll

Sean Carroll

Police Inspector

San Francisco Mint

Sean Carroll currently serves as the Inspector for the United States Mint Protection Division at the San Francisco Mint. He began his career in 2011 and has formally served as a Police Officer, Shift Sergeant, Administrative Sergeant, and Training Officer. Early in his career he became a Defensive Tactics Instructor and helped revitalize the DT Program; he was awarded the Rittenhouse Medal of Excellence for Excellence in Security and Law Enforcement (Team) award in 2014 for his efforts.

Prior to his career with the U.S. Mint, Sean served 12 years with the U.S. Air Force as a Security Forces Member and an additional 10 years with U.S. Air Force Reserves as a C-5 Loadmaster earning his retirement in April 2021. Sean additionally served three years as a Police Sergeant/Flight Chief with the Department of the Air Force at Travis AFB, California.

Sean has completed multiple supervisory and management leadership courses throughout his law enforcement and military careers. He is currently finishing his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Law Enforcement Organization Leadership from the American Military University.

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