Matt Swaim

Artistic Infusion Program Designer

AIP artist Matthew SwaimMatt Swaim earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design and a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Art from Jacksonville University.

Matt has focused his career in the area of architectural illustration and visualization. With over 20 years in the architectural rendering profession, he spent eight of those years under the tutelage of Robert C. Winters of Jacksonville, Florida. He has illustrated well over 1,000 renderings in a variety of traditional and digital styles and techniques for clients throughout the United States and abroad.

Matt’s work has been featured in numerous publications. He has been awarded the American Society of Architectural Illustrators’ internationally juried competition, Award of Excellence three times and Jacksonville’s AIA Lynda Mack award. His work has been included in The American Society of Architectural Illustrator’s Architecture in Perspective traveling exhibition, The New York Society of Architectural Renderers’ The Art of the Architectural Illustrator in New York City, The Japanese Architectural Renders Association’s 2012 Exhibition of Architectural Visualization, and others.

In addition to architectural illustration, he also works on traditional illustration projects, is an avid pen and ink sketch artist, and does commissioned colored pencil portraits. Both his portraiture and sketches have been selected for inclusion in Strokes of Genius 5, Strokes of Genius 6, and Strokes of Genius 11 (North Light Books).

Aside from his studio work, Matt enjoys teaching workshops on a range of topics related to architectural rendering, illustration, and illustration techniques. When not behind the drawing board, he can often be found in a lawn chair at his children’s sporting events with his sketchbook in lap recording his surroundings, or in the woods enjoying the trails on his mountain bike.

Coin Design Credits

  • 2024 Greatest Generation Commemorative Coin Program – Clad reverse
  • 2022 Negro Leagues Baseball Commemorative Coin Program – Silver obverse
  • 2022 American Innovation $1 Coin Program – Tennessee reverse
  • 2021 American Innovation $1 Coin Program – Virginia reverse

Medal Design Credits

  • USS Indianapolis Congressional Gold Medal – obverse
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