Request U.S. Mint Resources

The U.S. Mint offers free printed materials to the public to promote our coin programs. Please read the section below for a list of available printed resources and how to make a request. We are experiencing shipping delays due to a high volume of requests for promotional and educational materials. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

American Women Quarters™ Program Coin Board Requests

American Women Quarters coin board front and backThe American Women Quarters Collector Coin Boards provide spaces to insert each of the program’s quarters. The coin boards are free and are available while supplies last.

  • Order the coin boards on the U.S. Mint online catalog.
  • Limit of two coin boards for each year.
  • Customers will need to follow the normal check-out process.

Education Materials Requests

Along with the online resources throughout this website, the Mint offers printed materials for educators and caretakers to bring coins to life for students. Please send us an email with your name, mailing address, requested materials, and quantity to We cannot ship to PO Boxes. You may also include other information about your group (e.g., Scouts, elementary school students, homeschooling). Explore the available resources below.

  • Coin Coloring Book: Features a variety of modern and historic coin designs for kids or adults to color. It also includes a “design your own coin” activity. A 2024 U.S. Mint Coin Coloring Book PDF (2.6 MB) is also available to download.
  • Coins For You Booklet: Provides an overview of coin collecting, coin types, parts of a coin, and how to get started collecting. A Coins For You PDF (4MB) is also available to download.
  • Pencils: Shows coin designs, U.S. Mint seal, and other Mint imagery.
  • Penny Planchet: Sealed packet featuring a penny side-by-side with a copper blank or planchet. Useful in explaining how designs are stamped onto coins. (Note: limit one per order.)
  • Stickers: Small stickers featuring U.S. Mint Coin Classroom characters and the latest coin designs.