2nd to 3rd Grade Coin Learning Materials

These learning materials for second and third grade children focus on understanding how to use coins, their relationship to math and computational skills, and the history of coins. The lessons and activities are organized into two main topics: Math and Coins and the Mint.

Wherever possible, the resources align to educational standards, including Common Core. If you’re looking for something specific, email us!


Lesson Plans

  • Great Coin Graph: Students will compare sets of coins and determine which group is greater than, less than, or equal to the other according to the number and value of each set. Students will create and interpret a simple bar graph to answer questions.
  • Making Cents: Students will play a coin combination game to practice counting and adding with coins.
  • Fraction of the Cost: Students will use coin denominations to explore and combine fractions.
  • Half Dollar Purchasing Power: Students will investigate the purchasing power of the half dollar by researching the cost of goods over time.

Activities and Games

Use these activities and games for at-home learning or to supplement lesson plans.

Coins and the Mint


Lesson Plans

  • Coin Symbols from Ancient Times to Today: Students will learn about the evolution of coins by identifying features used in Roman times that have been carried into modern times. Then students will create their own Roman-inspired coin.
  • Coin Program Poetry: Students discuss and research an individual or event from a coin program. They then use the information to write acrostic poems, creating stand-up accordion books to display the poems.

Activities and Games

Build on lesson plans or explore coins and the Mint at home with these games and activities.